Coolest Offroad Racing Games

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These cool racing games have an amazing selection of vehicles for players to choose from when practicing their offroading driving abilities

Racing game fans can practice and improve their skills while playing with some of the most popular cult classic racing games and lesser-known gems that not only transport them to real-life cities but take them on epic off-road adventures. Thanks to these fast-paced games players can visit some of the most remote locations around our planet and compete in races that take place in hilarious fictional worlds.

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These gorgeous racing games also have a fine selection of cars, trucks, and even bikes and motorbikes that make these speedy adventures even more exciting and challenging. Players can try new racing games, off-road VR games, and family-friendly racers that are a lot of fun for players of all ages no matter what their gaming level is.

DiRT Rally is one of the most realistic and fast-paced off-road racing games with stunning rally cars. It's a great choice for players who loved the Dirt 5 cars and want to give themselves a similar challenge. Gamers can not only race against other players or their friends and family but will have to manage their teams and fine-tune their cars.

It's also one of the most visually beautiful racing games in which players can test their driving skills while racing on some of the most dangerous gaming roads. This thrilling off-road open-world game is also one of the most family-friendly ones with massive rallies for beginner and more advanced players.

Lonely Mountains: Downhill is one of the most entertaining bike racing games that's perfect not only for cycling fans but for anyone who loves fun sports games. This off-road racing sim has a charming art style, but the races are actually quite difficult and players can test their skills during realistic competitions and various challenges.

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Players can go on their adventures solo or in multiplayer mode to explore the game's fun and challenges-filled open world. Gamers can explore a beautiful mountain and all its trails, canyons, forests, as well as wild rivers and lakes while racing against other players and put their skills to the ultimate test by unlocking the game's more difficult modes.

MX Bikes is one of the most exciting and realistic early access motocross sim games in which players can learn all about off-road motorbike driving. It's a great game for those players who especially enjoy real-life sim games and want to test their skills during fast-paced motorbike competitions.

It's one of the most immersive offroad racing games that simulate real-life motorbike dynamics and even setup options that make the game feel more realistic. Players can test their skills during some of the most challenging offroad races and try various terrains while also racing against other players online. Gamers can even customize their rides and their own helmets and boots.

FlatOut 2 is one of the most popular and highest-rated offroad combat racing games in which players can drive as irresponsibly as they want. Thanks to this hilarious racing game players can completely trash their own and others' cars as well as over a thousand other objects.

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Players can try turbo-charged cars and combat against other players solo or in multiplayer mode while exploring some of the most atmospheric racing locations. Gamers can test their skills through mini-challenges and drive through deserts and storm drains among many other imaginative locations.

Eggcelerate! is one of the funniest video games in which players will have to complete challenging tracks without dropping the eggs that are on top of their cars. While this offroad racer has a colorful and charming design it's actually one of the most challenging ones too.

Gamers will have to push themselves and improve their racing skills if they want to be able to complete all the thirty tracks without dropping an egg. This family-friendly game is just as hilarious as it is rage-inducing so both beginners and experienced gamers should prepare themselves for difficult but highly entertaining adventures filled with hammers, fallen trees, and punching gloves.

Mon Bazou is one of the most popular early access offroad sandbox racing games in which players can build their own race cars by upgrading their cars with cool parts. This fun game transports its players to Canada where they get to become street racers while making money by delivering pizza and drinking as much Maple Syrup as possible.

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Players not only have to race but build their own garage and find a way to make money and a way to fend for themselves to stay alive and be able to compete in this hilarious and surprisingly relaxing family-friendly offroad racer. Gamers get to explore this beautifully detailed and fun open world while learning hilarious facts about Canada.

Motor Town: Behind The Wheel is one of the most exciting early access racers that's also one of the most relaxing video games that's perfect for beginners and experienced gamers alike. In this charming game, players can go on their adventures solo or in multiplayer mode and compete against AI or other players.

While this racing game has charming graphics it actually can be quite challenging since it's a game with realistic physics and players can compete and test their skills during various on-road and off-road races. Players can also drive various fun cars including taxes, trucks, and buses while racing or completing fun missions and picking up hitchhikers.

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